Darkroom Printing: July & August, 2021

I've spent four full days over the last two weeks at my Darkroom, working on hand printing some of my favourite negatives from the past few years. I can see my progress with this process and have been very happy with a lot of the results. The darkroom is a great way to actualise my... Continue Reading →

USA Digest: 2019 – Winter 2021

I recently published a short digest containing work made during my visits to the East Coast of the USA over the last few years. A digest is a zine style publication, containing a selection of photographs distilling work based around a story, location, character, or theme. This digest is presented as 31 photographs across 36 sides. A5 landscape, black... Continue Reading →

Early Mornings in Hyde Park

I've been out each morning as early as possible in order to catch the drills run by the cavalry officers and trainees in the paddock next to the Knightsbridge barracks, a few minutes walk from Knightsbridge station. It's a nice peaceful way to spend a morning, and a nice project seems to be developing from... Continue Reading →

No Games Entertainment Video Feature

The video I mentioned in this post has finally been released on the NGE YouTube channel. I worked with a videographer who I know from the London Nightcrawlers scene, Alexander Banks, across three days in October. We recorded a introductory bit of footage along the Regents Canal and an XR encampment at Euston Station, although... Continue Reading →

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