Editorial Photoshoot & Helen Pankhurst, 15th August, 2018

Today I split my time evenly between an editorial shoot in Kensington in the morning, and some stills during some interviews in the afternoon. I enjoyed shooting the portraits in the morning, it was good to break up some of the tricker journalistic assignments I've been trying recently.Immediately afterwards I left for North London where... Continue Reading →


Retiring my Minolta SR-7

This short piece was originally just a fluff article written for 35mmc, however the editor decided that it would be too inflammatory for their readers. I suppose it was a bit of fun, and not supposed to be taken seriously, but I do like some of the images taken that day, so without wanting them... Continue Reading →

Every Photograph is “The Moment”

Regardless of the genre of photography every individual frame represents an exact moment in time, whether that's a long exposure, or a fraction of a second. Many photographers find a form of peace when in the process of composing and capturing an image, and part of this shares a similarity to the emphasis in Zen... Continue Reading →

My First Roll of Kodak Portra 400

This short piece was originally published on 35mmc, where I've been contributing fairly frequently. It's more gear focused than my writing here, but I still manage to discuss some topics I'm interested in. If you have the time, head over there and check out some of my other articles! Until recently my film photography had... Continue Reading →

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