Early Winter Snow!

Snow is my favourite weather, possibly due to the rarity and he way it makes everything familiar suddenly new, but also because it's simply lovely being out in it. Dressing appropriately against the cold, seeing everyones behaviour change to share the environment whether in play or helping out cars stuck in the snow, it changes... Continue Reading →

I Used To Do Things Differently

I used to do things differently. In my photography from the medium to the method to the subject matter. In the way I sell product and services related to photography, prints, workshops, tutorials, portfolio reviews. I work differently today than when I started, than last year, and I'm sure that next year, next decade I'll... Continue Reading →

Creative Free-Fall

Creative free-fall is an idea I heard expressed by photographer Joel Meyerowitz, when he described his process of constant change in his work. If you become overly familiar or reliant on a certain aspect of your work, like a location, or a focal length, or a type/format of film, then you can start to fall... Continue Reading →

Foundation Stone

In May earlier this year I photographed at a Murugan Hindu Temple in Milton Keynes during their once in a lifetime Foundation Stone laying ceremony. The Temple is being expanded to accommodate the growing community, and a Foundation Stone is set into the ground under the construction site by the entire community so that the... Continue Reading →

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