How I Scan My Film

My early film scans were a battle between my original vision for colours and sharpness and the results my scanners were providing. My edits seemed to make everything progressively blockier and further from accuracy in the tones and dynamic range, which left me frustrated and a little disappointed. I knew that these slides of film... Continue Reading →


Why I Still Shoot Snapshots

When I first started shooting on film I took it very seriously, trying to be as frugal as possible by shooting as few frames overall as possible. This was not a new approach to me; I have always considered myself to strive for quality over quantity, and as such tend to wait for exactly the... Continue Reading →

Constant Betterment

I recently submitted a selection of images to a website which had kindly offered to host some information about me, as a rising photographer. They had asked me for 20 of my best images, along with a portrait of myself, and a small write-up/biography. When it came to looking through my portfolio I was amazed... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of My Protest Photography

One of the first ever times I deliberately took my camera to an event was June 20th, 2015; a protest against austerity. The images were not that great, as I had only recent started considering photography as something to do during the gap between my second and final years a University. I was shooting with... Continue Reading →

Street Photography: June/July, 2019

This post began as an article about a specific day, when I went to a small meet-up and photowalk with a few other photographers in Chinatown, however when it came to reviewing my work from that day I found that I only took a handful of images, and that none were especially engaging. I had... Continue Reading →

Portfolio Zen

Managing a portfolio can be one of the hardest things to maintain for artists, especially when they practice many different disciplines within a field. Unless a photographer is very focused in the kind of work they produce their portfolio can often be very cluttered and unfocused. I have always made an effort to streamline my... Continue Reading →

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