February Retrospective, 2018

It's been quite a busy month, so I haven't had as much time to write as regularly as I used to. I also find I have less to say day-to-day, and prefer to spend my time planning shoots and editing, rather than retrospecting on the work on, usually, mediocre days. Towards the beginning of the... Continue Reading →


February 2018 Instagram Challenge, Retrospective

I'm normally very good at keeping my Instagram account stocked with work, with my best pieces on rotation amongst new images. At the end of January a friend sent me a list for February, a challenge to post an image with a specific theme every day of February. I wouldn't normally do something like this,... Continue Reading →

LFW February 2018

This year I had some great opportunities to photograph specifically the kind of fashion I want to. I focused on candid scenes and moments backstage, but also shot presentations and catwalks. I shot four rolls of Ilford Delta 3200 on my XPan, which I'll be developing and talking about in more detail soon. I'm hoping... Continue Reading →

What Travel Takes

One of the main desires I mentioned in my New Years motivational post was the desire to travel. I certainly had the opportunity to travel last year, and tried my best to visit as many places as possible with the free time I had. Now that I'm taking a year to practice photography I'm spending... Continue Reading →

Clarity in my Photographs

I've wanted to write about my photography "style" for a while now, but have always held myself back, as I feel that to write down a description of what makes an image "mine" would be incredibly restricting. I do want to experiment and try new styles, however there are a few distinct things that prevent... Continue Reading →

Edinburgh: 19th – 22nd, 2018

I've needed a chance to visit somewhere new, especially after the uninspiring shooting conditions of London in the winter, so when some friends arranged to spend the weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland I was more than happy to tag along.I took the train from Kings Cross, which was actually really great despite the early start it... Continue Reading →

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