Fashion Photography Retrospective: 2016 – 2017

I recently sent off my application to photograph at the upcoming London Fashion Week events in January and February. When I started in Fashion Photography back in early 2016 I had some excellent responses, with many brands interested in my work and securing me to photograph their shows. However with my recent application the majority... Continue Reading →


Kigae at Hyper Japan, 2017

I've been a fan of Emma's costumes for a while, she puts a painstaking amount of work and research in, and hand makes and finished her outfits. Whether they are pin-perfect accurate Geisha/Maiko style kimono, or a character cosplay, or mashup in-between it's always a delight to photograph with her in character, and in appropriate... Continue Reading →

Some Winter Street Photography

Honestly, I still haven't going out shooting as much as I should have, but with the light beginning to fade as early as 14:00 it is difficult to put together a plan or a route that works within the few hours between waking up and having to settle for neon or streetlight images - which... Continue Reading →

Photography Composition Fishing

A technique I've been using more and more recently is popularly known as fishing. Fishing involves locating and prioritising your composition first, and then relying on a degree of luck for the right character or "finishing touch" to enter the scene. This could be the right person walking through the light in a certain way,... Continue Reading →

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