Street Photography: Wednesday, 18th October, 2017

Today I wanted to spend time researching for a major project I've been considering. I was going to visit a local community centre to do some research and speak to some people in person, but I ended up putting this in writing in an email. I think I'll have a better time making sure than the... Continue Reading →


Highgate Wood: Monday, 16th October 2017

After a busy day around galleries in the city yesterday I took a break back at Highgate Wood.  I quite enjoy finding the detail in nature, similar to how food photography is sort of my guilty pleasure. Just walking around taking photographs of whatever catches my eye is very cathartic.I especially enjoyed finding leaves that... Continue Reading →

Camera Report: Sony RX1R

Although the NEX-7 was my first "pro-level" camera the RX1R was the camera that brought me, and my photography, to a level where I started to appreciate the finer details of composition, background and foreground elements, and storytelling. It was the camera that I used throughout my Bachelors Degree, for documenting my life and for... Continue Reading →

How I Approach Narrative in a Photograph

My background is as a writer. Photography started as a tool to document my life, as well as a creative outlet with a more immediate result to writing; which proved to be very useful during my Advertising BA when producing visual content to support my concepts.Using photography as a vessel for narrative has been tricky,... Continue Reading →

My First Rolls of Film

Although I'm sure I've taken photographs in my youth on disposable Kodak style cameras since becoming a photographer I have barely shot any at all. There are a few reasons for this, the same way there are a few reasons for my aversion to DSLR. To begin with it was never a conscious decision; I... Continue Reading →

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