Photoshoot ft. Arianne: Barnard Park, Thursday 13th December 2018

I haven't done an editorial shoot for a while, so todays work was quite refreshing. It was a concept I'd wanted to work on for a while, although we didn't find quite the right dress to use, so it's not exactly as I imagined it, but I'm still pretty happy with the resulting images.We were... Continue Reading →


Film Failure: 29th November – 11th December 2018

Today I had the misfortune of discovering that my past few weeks of images have been a waste of energy, due to an oversight when I loaded the last roll of film in my M4. I've never had this happen before, and I think the cold weather made me rush what I was doing, but... Continue Reading →

Choice Fatigue with my Film Photography

It's been a few months since I started taking film photography seriously, and as a result I've only used my digital cameras sparingly; for personal images, a few client oriented assignments, and some events photography, but nothing really past that. My street photography and photojournalism, which is my main focus, has been almost entirely film... Continue Reading →

My Personal Photography Gallery

One of the questions I get asked fairly frequently is whether or not I have exhibited my photographs in a gallery. I feel like people think that a gallery space is a form of graduation for a photographer, and that showing your work in a physical space is specifically something to be proud of, with... Continue Reading →

Kodak Ektar Reminds Me of My Leica M8

I was looking at some of my old photographs recently and noticed something I think is interesting. I don't usually discuss very technical aspects of my images on this blog, I like to think I discuss my mindset, composition, and subject matter more frequently than cameras or settings. However these things do influence the way... Continue Reading →

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