“A Study on Surrender” Choreographed Dance Photography, Laban School of Dance: Wednesday 28th June 2017

Rachel, a dance student I photographed previously, recently got in contact with me in regards to helping an MA associate of hers in shooting a dance video representing two years work. Normally I don't tend to involve myself in video, but as I've been looking into video work with my friend Matt I checked with... Continue Reading →

Payoneer London Launch Conference, Friday, 23rd June 2017

Payoneer is a company I have been aware of, but without awareness of the finer details of their operation. Their main operation is e-commerce solutions, and they service millions worldwide. They recently opened their London office, and I photographed the conference that coincided with this fresh approach to the UK market.The low light of the... Continue Reading →

Throwback: Budapest, February 2017

Most people travel away from London in the winter with the goal of finding warmer climates. I prefer the cold, and took advantage of  the cheap flights and accommodation in an area fewer people were travelling to. I ended up visiting an almost deserted, entirely icy Budapest, Hungary. The streets were mostly deserted, although the... Continue Reading →

Venice: June 2017

Venice is an immensely cluttered city; photographically speaking. I don't mean there is pollution in the canals or rubbish along the streets, far from it. Photographic clutter means busy scenes, intense detail in the architecture, crowds of people, diverse lighting with bright, bright highlights and dark black shadows. It is as strikingly photogenic as it is... Continue Reading →

Portrait X: Andromeda Under Siege

Andromeda Under Siege was my first project with the Portrait X photography collective back in February, 2017. The Location was an abandoned sports facility in Barnet, and is still one of my favorite locations. The walls were covered in graffiti, and the basement area where the shower and locker rooms used to be are now crumbling,... Continue Reading →


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