Vivo: Tuesday, 1st August, 2017

Earlier this week, on Tuesday I worked with Matt in Vivo, a restaurant on Upper Street in Angel on photographing their new menu items. They had recently hired a new chef and were working on the new designs for their website, and (I assume) banners and in-house promotional materials. Food photography is not my forte, but the owners were friendly with Matt so I was very happy to help. It was a super friendly environment and I was happy with the work we ended up producing.Recently I have had a few photoshoots that I have not spent a long time planning. Some of these have been because of short notice, others because of a lack of a clear vision, or concept. I think moving forward I will be spending a lot longer mapping out the light, the environment, and the concept so that the mood of the work is evident.

I am happy with the consistency of my work from Vivo, the colours, lighting, and atmosphere are all lovely in my opinion, which is what made me think about how the rest of my work isn’t as much.Usually, for my standard style of working on portraits, or photojournalism I tend to trust that when I arrive on location I can figure out the right angles and perspectives based on what the client needs, and what I can compose. A touch more planning on this, and some other of my recent projects would definitely have resulted in images I am very proud of, instead of what seems (to me) to be a more off the cuff series of photographs.

The space was very airy; to begin with we used the strong sunlight through the window – however this created some nasty shadows, and we ended up a little further in using the more diffused, softer light that made the food look more natural.I mainly shot with my RX1R in macro mode, which yielded some beautiful results. It also made me miss the latitude of Sony sensors, as I know I am not able to stretch my M240 files to the same extent as I did when editing these.

I didn’t have the time for portraits of the staff, or for any photojournalism in the kitchen; however as far as I know they were happy with the work and should be asking Matt and me back to shoot for their catering service. The food was as delicious as it looks (despite it being cold by the time we had finished photographing it from various angles). The chef’s favourite, the ravioli was especially good, although I did enjoy the scrambled eggs and salmon staple breakfast (which served as my lunch for the day).The cocktails were also super, and everything was beautifully presented, and I think the octopus was the most photogenic.



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  1. These pictures are beautiful and all the food looks so good! I love all of them but my favorite is the coffee one fourth from the bottom. The way the milk swirls in the coffee looks awesome. I have just started a photography and art blog myself and your blog gives me inspiration. I have followed! Thanks for your posts, I am excited for more!


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