Photoshoot ft. Gareth, at The Barbican: Sunday, 2nd July, 2017

I met Gareth, a guitarist, through one of the first models I ever photographed during my odd and involuntary transition to M-9P while my M240 was away for repairs. Gareth seemed to like my style, and we got on when I shot some early promo work as they played a gig together in Soho.

He got in contact with me and booked a few hours. As this was his first “proper” photography session we had no frame of reference to work from, and it was interesting creating a series of images that would be somewhat definitive of his career – especially in such a spontaneous way. We were working mostly on promo, his aesthetic, and some general headshot, full body shots to cap it off.Having photographed around the Barbican a lot I made a real effort to find some new locations in that area that would be visually interesting and not as cliche as I worry some of my images are starting to seem.It didn’t take long to find some great spots, including an area just behind the main Barbican Centre – an underground car-park, lit by large skylights which cast some great spotlights that I definitely intend to revisit for some street photography. We did however have to wait a while for positive conditions overhead, the clouds were not too friendly when it came to the harsh lighting effect we were after.

I do enjoy bringing out my 21mm for these kinds of shoots. I have made a conscious effort to keep this in a small compartment of my bag, and it comes in very useful when I need a look that is very distinct from my other mid-to-long lenses.




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