London Cabaret Club: London Never Dies, July 29th, 2017

A few weeks ago I received a business card promising a free evening at the nearby London Cabaret Club, which had opened a few months ago but was now really pushing promotionally to gather interest and to establish itself in the London nightlife scene.

Alicia and I booked a Saturday evening, with the intention of having a good time primarily, and any photography aspect secondary. The Saturday night theme is “London Never Dies” with Fridays being the “Best of British Pop.”

The venue was easy to find, just across the square from my current retail job. Inside was some very grandiose architecture, and Alicia took some lovely portraits of me in my suit under a marble archway. The staff were immensely attentive, friendly, and kind. Definitely more than putting on a face for the customers, they personalised with us, and chatted longer than necessary and really made us feel welcome.

The foyer where we had cocktails and listened to jazz, as well as some other liver performers was very cozy, and the mood was set instantly as we walked in to the theme from James Bond playing on the Jukebox. 

The food was great, and the drinks were on point, which is often lacking in these kinds of themed locations, with an emphasis on the strength of the alcohol rather than the combination. We had a couple of cocktails each, and some champagne, which was superb.

We enjoyed the performances, especially the very surreal bath acrobatics towards the finale (we were provided with a touristy umbrella in case of splash-age).

The “after party” was a little cliche, although enjoyable – the DJ played mostly pop and pop-Spanish which seems to be the club standard somehow these days. I had been invited on-stage with some other audience members to learn a dance; which I failed spectacularly. This did make me feel more comfortable however with the rest of the guests who had already seen me at my worst, and the rest of the evening ended up being quite a nice night out overall.



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