Street Photography: Sunday 6th August 2017

Aside from visiting Michael on his birthday in the summer a few years ago I’ve never really spent much time in Tottenham Hale. I’ve always associated it with being quite north (for London), and therefore beyond my effort /s.

The weather was nice, so we made our way along their stretch of the canal. The marshes are really lovely, but difficult to walk through without my boots – definitely too swampy for an impromptu visit.

There were some really nice areas along the walk, including the Waterside Cafe which made an excellent and very British plate of beans on toast.

As I dedicate more and more time to photography I am really seeing expanses of time simply vanish, with very few photographs left in its wake. I am having to make a conscious effort to produce work I am happy with, that works as more than just a personal journal in order to actually progress. It is slow work, and the rewards are minimal so far. However, I absolutely love the process, and I think that it will not take too much longer before my style, effort, and workflow begin to intersect with more and more clients – and higher profile ones after that.

Days like this, where the intention is to stretch my legs and not to stretch my mind are necessary, but still leave me with an empty space in my portfolio – however pretty or different my photographs from then end up being, they are almost never “good enough.”



3 thoughts on “Street Photography: Sunday 6th August 2017

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  1. Thank you so much Natalia, that means a lot to me! Glad you’re enjoying my blog!
    Looks like you’re doing some great work as well, I enjoyed your “Shells” post! Keep up the quality work!

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