Street Photography: Monday, 7th August 2017

Today was Alicia‘s first day at her new job. She finished early, and was near enough to cycle to Camden for some impromptu wandering and street photography. The light was very fickle, and we had difficulty in lining anything up that didn’t rely on very specific compositions.

The weather went from raining to sunshine, to somewhere in-between, and people were really hurrying off the streets.

It was a nice change of pace from my recent work, I’ve had to really pay attention to slowing down on the streets and not rushing. Recently I haven’t been producing work I am very proud of – whenever I make a photograph I really like I haven’t published it on my Instagram or portfolio, I have written down notes on why I like it and the location, and time of day, in the hopes that I will come back and make an even better photograph with similar framing, composition, and lighting, usually with a better subject in mind.

This is holding me back to an extent and I need to be more patient and get things right the first time rather than forcing myself to produce work I may  never be happy with, or achieve the same or similar circumstances with.

While wandering through the main market hall I spotted this lady tidying her stall outside, I had to more or less run to capture this as she neatly folded the sheet.

One of the reasons I started writing this blog was to have somewhere less exclusive to post my photographs and ideas: my Instagram is a rolling feed of my favourites, and my portfolio contains my “best” work. As well as keeping a sort of diary I am more comfortable posting more and less refined work on this platform.

We managed to shelter from the worst of the rain, first in the basement markets where I bought myself a new shirt, and a couple of milkshakes (which were great, the Basement Tea Rooms are very cozy).While out and about I did spot a few areas I’d prefer to photograph with my 21mm wide angle, to capture the whole environment, shadows and light to scale, rather than the restrictive 90mm I had with me.


This was quite cyberpunk; outside the station, a large LED screen advertising the ease of a 999 call with the push of a single button attached to its keypad – scary the necessity and very dystopian cyberpunk in the implementation.

I don’t usually photograph down and outs, but when they sit directly next to banks it can be difficult not to find a frame.

We also met Lucy for some tea before heading off. We caught up and chatted for a bit about some ideas for her fashion brand, which she has been planning on the sidelines for three years now since she graduated from University.

She asked me to promise not to publish the portrait I took of her on Facebook or Instagram, so here it is. It isn’t the best, as I had planned out a shot of her more at rest against the wall, and ideally wider angle – it was a great scene. Again I had to limit it to what I could capture from not too far away with a 90.




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