Street Photography: Tuesday, 31st October, 2017

  Today was quite a casual, relaxing walk starting in Pimlico at the Tate Britain, looping around Westminster, and ending with a bus from Waterloo. There's a very special collection of Ray Harryhausen models at the Tate Britain at the moment, which were very well presented and beautifully detailed. There are some neat neon reflections... Continue Reading →

Film Photography, HP5: General Thoughts

I have now shot seven rolls of HP5 ISO400 film, as my first attempt at taking film photography seriously. I am not at all knowledgeable enough about the sheer range of film available, and it is a topic many artists are passionate about so I do not want to make any definitive claims. 7 rolls... Continue Reading →

Night Photography

Photographing at night around London was one of my earliest hobbies when I started university. I would usually complete an assignment in the afternoon, sleep, and then wake up around 2am when I would grab my camera and head out. I lived in Southwark, and would walk up and down the south and north banks... Continue Reading →

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