Film Photography, AGFA: 18th – 20th November, 2017

The first few shots from this roll I took in my local area, during a nighttime walk to a restaurant (which wasn't the worst, but nothing I couldn't cook at home!) I was trying to be really careful to spot anything with a long, expansive perspective, or a sweeping series of patterns to really see... Continue Reading →

Film Photography, XP2: 10th – 14th November, 2017

It's been a while since I discussed a full roll of film, mainly because I've started to store my undeveloped film until I have built up enough to justify the walk down to the developers - it gives me a lot to do in afternoons which would otherwise be fairly empty.I've also been experimenting with... Continue Reading →

Hyper Japan, November 2017

After photographing in 2016, and earlier this year in July I am becoming more confident and comfortable with my goals from Hyper Japan. It's a really great show and there's always something new to see and photograph, and new people as well as a small community which I've met and become friendly with in previous... Continue Reading →

Visual Narrative Architecture: Figure-to-Ground

My current understanding of "Figure to Ground" is as an art theory which many artists and visual designers interpret to mean "high contrast" between the subject (figure) and the background or context (ground). Having a good balance between figure and ground makes an image easy to interpret, with the different elements guiding and complementing each... Continue Reading →

Avoiding Perfection in My Photography

I recently had a discussion about the idea of "perfection" in our work with Brenden, a videographer. He told me how he made a real effort to have as many perfect elements in his work, either by applying perfectly stable steady-cams, or perfectly sharp lenses, or demanding perfect delivery from actors, or from the edit,... Continue Reading →

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