Night Lights on Boxing Day Morning, Tuesday 26th December, 2017

I went out early to day to take advantage of the empty city. I wanted to get some location scouting done for the rest of the winter, so I can use the time when its still day-time but dark outside to actually get some good photos made. Today was good because I knew not many... Continue Reading →

Film Photography, AGFA: 12th-19th December, 2017

This roll is mostly personal photographs, from daily shooting. I never leave the house without a camera, although I have been very frugal with my shooting whether digital or film recently, and this has encouraged me to spend more time with a film camera when I know I am not going out specifically for photography.... Continue Reading →

Kigae at Hyper Japan, 2017

I've been a fan of Emma's costumes for a while, she puts a painstaking amount of work and research in, and hand makes and finished her outfits. Whether they are pin-perfect accurate Geisha/Maiko style kimono, or a character cosplay, or mashup in-between it's always a delight to photograph with her in character, and in appropriate... Continue Reading →

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