Film Photography, XP2: 12th – 27th January, 2018

This first shot was taken just after I swapped over from the last roll of film. The market by my house was being taken down at the end of the day, and this man was dragging two carts behind him. I ran up and tried to keep everything still as he moved away from me.... Continue Reading →

Film Photography, XP2: 9th – 12th January, 2018

I started shooting this at the behind the scenes job I did on the 9th, leading right on from the earlier shots I took at London Fashion Week. I quite like some of the shots I got during the makeup and preparation of the scene, although I definitely could have been a little more careful... Continue Reading →

Clarity in my Photographs

I've wanted to write about my photography "style" for a while now, but have always held myself back, as I feel that to write down a description of what makes an image "mine" would be incredibly restricting. I do want to experiment and try new styles, however there are a few distinct things that prevent... Continue Reading →

Edinburgh: 19th – 22nd, 2018

I've needed a chance to visit somewhere new, especially after the uninspiring shooting conditions of London in the winter, so when some friends arranged to spend the weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland I was more than happy to tag along.I took the train from Kings Cross, which was actually really great despite the early start it... Continue Reading →

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