Street Photography with Purpose in Brighton and London: 29th-30th April, 2018

I've been planing to host some Street Photography workshops around London, to help train others to see composition the way that I do. I don't know whether they'll be popular to begin with, but the more experience I can get in teaching the better chance I will have at becoming more serious as a teacher... Continue Reading →

Experimenting with Combining Photographs into Collages

I take a lot of photographs day-to-day that don't end up anywhere other than in my archive. They have potential, and some artistic aspects, but never anything that would make it worthy of printing, or publishing. I've tried to combine a few of these into single images by finding elements that match up or contrast... Continue Reading →

24 Hour Project: London, 7th April 2018

I've just finished editing my photographs from the 24 Hour Project, which I participated in for the first time in London. A group of photographers join together for 24 hours to document their city, with a humanitarian approach to the images. You can read more about the project and it's ethos here. I enjoyed the... Continue Reading →

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