Photoshoot ft. Arianne: Barbican, Sunday 2nd July 2018

Today’s shoot was a little last minute, as Arianne contacted me after her original photographer cancelled on her. She wanted me to create some classy portraits for a couple of 60’s style outfits. I decided to use the 7artisans 50mm 1.1 for the classic Sonnar look, as well as the inherent softness for a more retro-feeling photograph.I’m quite happy with the results. Recently I’ve felt that my portraits have been lacking, which is why I’ve been using film a lot more, to add a layer of aesthetic and nostalgia to images that would otherwise be too clinical.

I really like the directional bokeh, and I’m glad I was able to find scenes with complimentary colours to the outfits.

The natural flaring from the lens in the harsh sunlight was also great when applied creatively.


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