Fine Tuning a Street Photograph: 5th July, 2018

I scanned five rolls of film today, and although many of the images were better than imagined there were two that annoyed me – they had potential, but I had missed out for whatever reason at the time I took them. I had a bit of time before an event I was shooting, so I headed over to the National Theatre to try and use the same location with a slightly different composition to bring out the scene I wanted to show.

The shot originally captured: Contax G1, 45mm, XP2

I will likely do the same with the other composition, which was shot from London Bridge, but I will hopefully write more on that once it is complete.

I prefer the version of the image I managed to create today to the one from my film scan, because it has better balance and better motion through the space.

4 thoughts on “Fine Tuning a Street Photograph: 5th July, 2018

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  1. Not sure which one more to like.

    The first one, which shows an urban scenery with only a single (small) human being … is to me symbolizing the growing loneliness in our western urban societies. More (online) communication than ever, but lonesome in real life.

    The second one … as you mention, shows some movement as an additional element.


  2. That’s why I enjoy keeping a blog, it allows me to post different ones I may not like, but they all have something to them!

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  3. I’m currently using an Epson V370, with my rolls cut into 6 frame segments, which I then scan one at a time using the built in transparency unit.


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