Wedding Photography: Thursday, 19th July 2018

I’ve had to accept a compromise when it comes to my style of shooting and editing wedding, focusing a lot less on composition in the moment for the benefit of emphasis on the emotions of my subjects. I’ve also had to set aside my minimal editing process, which usually doesn’t involve more than a few tweaks to the highlights and straightening, for one which emphasises whites, vibrancy, clarity, and sharpness.

I don’t think that this makes my images bad, but it does set them quite drastically apart from my usual fine-art approach to image creation.

This wedding, which was held in Rochester, was a really lovely one, with lots of opportunities for some really nice photographs. 

The light was lovely throughout the day, and everyone was very friendly and polite, which made it very easy to work through the guests without interfering too much.

I still like my approach to be mostly candid and unposed, the only things I’ve had to change are in regard to the overall aesthetic as I mentioned.

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