MCM London Comic Con: October 2018

Comic Con this season felt a little off, and the photographs I took away from the event reflect that. Only one week previous I was in the same venue, the Excel Centre in London, shooting an event called "Discover Dogs" so arriving again and having to shoot a subject which I've shot many years in... Continue Reading →

UAL Short Course in Street Photography Announcement!

Street Photography is one of the most accessible genres of the art of photography; an immensely rewarding and incredibly diverse set of techniques, philosophies, approaches, and styles for documenting interactions between people, light, and the photographer. I keep this blog as a way to record my thoughts day-to-day as I exercise my eye through street... Continue Reading →

Detail in Flower Scenes

Last Autumn I was feeling a little uninspired, and also was spending a lot of time outdoors. Almost accidentally I started taking a series of photographs of plants. Nothing special, but contrast that caught my eye. I took the first few images on a sunny day in the Tottenham Hale marshes, and was oddly happy... Continue Reading →

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