Ektachrome Slides from Morocco, February 2019

I finally received the Ektachrome slides I shot while in Morocco earlier this month, and I'm very happy with the results. My major worry with slide film is messing up the exposure, as it needs to be dead on for E6, and I wasn't too familiar with the way the M6 I was shooting with... Continue Reading →

My First Roll of Film (Delta 3200) in 2019: January – February 2019

I've been shooting my film at a much slower rate now than when I began, which is both a good and a bad thing. It means that I am being far more discretionary in the way I approach shooting in general, selecting between good and potentially bad images in my mind rather than clicking the... Continue Reading →

Always Carry a Camera

I always carry a camera, and I encourage you to as well, whether you consider yourself to be a photographer or not. Photography gives you a degree of power and permission in everyday life. It is an excuse to create art in any circumstances, and to learn to appreciate the details in the scenes around... Continue Reading →


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