Street Photography in Brighton: Friday, 31st May 2019

I spent today in Brighton with fellow photographer Benjamin Gordon, who is recently returned from a month travelling around India. It's always great shooting side-by-side with Benji, and it was really magical hearing about his experiences as well as seeing some of the photographs he hasn't posted yet (spoiler, they're all really good!). We wandered... Continue Reading →

MCM London Comic Con: May 2019

This Comic Con seemed somewhat quiet compared to previous ones I've attended. There isn't really anything major coming up over the next few months that would be worth promoting at this kind of event, so although there were some really cool celebrities in attendance from shows I've watched for years I was more interested in... Continue Reading →

Strong Vertical Lines

I recently noticed something about the way some of my recent images are composed, that I think is worth talking about so that I can further understand why I made the decisions I did that connect these photographs.That similarity is in the way they incorporate strong vertical bars, or lines, which dissect the image into... Continue Reading →

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