Norfolk: Friday 28th – 30th June, 2019

This weekend I took a short break from the City and travelled to Norfolk. This was a welcome interruption to my schedule, as I move from June which has been fairly monotonous (not that that's necessarily a bad thing) to July which will be filled with marches, protests, and travel. On my way up to... Continue Reading →

Street & Events Photography: Tuesday, 25th June, 2019

Today was a pretty intensive day, starting with a good few hours of street photography, and ending with a five hour non-stop event I was photographing. The weather wasn't helping, and the air was oppressive both inside and out which really slowed me down.I started at Waterloo, and took a calm walk down to the... Continue Reading →

My Weird Past With the 35mm Focal Length

Most photographers have their preferred focal length, which informs their approach to a scene, the style they shoot in, and can influence the look and feel of their images overall. When searching for what lens will serve them "best" many overlook the fact that sight itself is a physical and subjective thing. What works for... Continue Reading →

The Photographer’s Photographer

It takes a lot of hard work to define yourself as an artist. You have to not only work on a voice and narrative theme in your work, but follow through by creating an actual body of work which contains all of those elements. However the amount of effort this takes pales in comparison to... Continue Reading →

Commitment Issues With Film

I know of some photographers who can confidently say "today I feel like shooting black and white" then load up a roll of Tri-X and shoot through the entire roll in the space of a few hours. For me this would not be an easy thing to do. When I load a roll of film... Continue Reading →

Don’t Baby Your Gear

I've been planning a couple of upcoming trips, and hit a bit of a wall concerning the gear I want to be taking. I've been very happily shooting on film both at home in London, and abroad. I didn't feel compelled to bring anything digital to Iceland, or Morocco, when I visited earlier this year;... Continue Reading →

Street Photography: Sunday, 16th June 2019

Today I photographed a procession and festival in celebration of Rathayatra (Chariot Festival) along with hundreds of other Londoners, and Hare Krishna's. I started near Green Park at the back of the procession and slowly made my way around the crowds until the walk finished at Trafalgar Square.The procession was really great; a street party... Continue Reading →

Short Term vs Long Term Patience

How long should it take for an artist to produce their "life's work?" I think it can be easy to overlook the fact that when you pick up an excellent photo-book; for example "Steve McCurry Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs" which is 264 pages long, you are holding four decades worth of work. Even a... Continue Reading →

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