Street Photography: Friday 30th August, 2019

Today was a nice calm day of street photography; deliberately taken easy after some intensive recent work. I started on Oxford Street and made my way down to Trafalgar Square, and then along Whitehall to Parliament Square. Quite a "usual" route, but always with the potential of something happening.  When I reached Parliament Square I... Continue Reading →

Darkroom Printing: Thursday, 29th August, 2019

Today I took an induction course at a local Darkroom, in Shoreditch just down the road from where I live. I've been wanting to do some proper darkroom printing ever since I started shooting the majority of my images on black and white film, and with winter rapidly approaching I decided to prepare myself for... Continue Reading →

Why Judge a Photograph by What’s Not In It?

It's a frustrating aspect of the camera industry that they now seem to have far more influence over popular photography than the magazines and websites that formerly set the zeitgeist. Artists used to seek inspiration from places like Vogue, National Geographic, or the British Journal of Photography - today these outlets are all a little... Continue Reading →

“Hunting” vs “Fishing”

One of the best analogies for the main approaches to Street Photography (and other genres) is the dichotomy between Hunting, and Fishing. Hunting implies the act of constantly moving, watching for a subject or scene to appear, and then reacting to that quickly and decisively. Fishing implies a much slower process - seeking out a... Continue Reading →

Orienting the Edges

One of the simplest steps I take when composing an image is to align the edges of my frame with any parallel elements in the scene. Usually I will use the longest straight(ish) line, whether vertical or horizontal to orient the direction of my frame.If no such line is available then this gives me room... Continue Reading →

How I Scan My Film

My early film scans were a battle between my original vision for colours and sharpness and the results my scanners were providing. My edits seemed to make everything progressively blockier and further from accuracy in the tones and dynamic range, which left me frustrated and a little disappointed. I knew that these slides of film... Continue Reading →

Why I Still Shoot Snapshots

When I first started shooting on film I took it very seriously, trying to be as frugal as possible by shooting as few frames overall as possible. This was not a new approach to me; I have always considered myself to strive for quality over quantity, and as such tend to wait for exactly the... Continue Reading →

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