Street Photography: Wednesday 2nd October

Retrochrome 400 is the name given to repackaged expired Ektachrome 2253, from a specific amount of bulk cold stored film in America. It is a 400 speed slide film, which offers me two stops more than the 100 speed Ektachrome I’m used to shooting, from their recently rereleased variation.

After buying a couple of rolls I waited for the weather to offer me enough light and little chance of rain, and today I decided to finally load it into my M6. I ended up shooting 20 frames, and I’m really happy with how they turned out.This was one of those days where I felt very in sync with all of the activity on the streets. I really wanted to concentrate on using the colour option effectively, as I hadn’t spend much time on colour photography recently at all.

I was presented with so many fantastic opportunities for colour photography throughout the day I was really excited to review the final images.I was especially happy with the work I produced during the fantastic wintery golden hour, at around 5 o’clock, and gave me plenty of warm tones and long shadows to work with.The Retrochrome film really gave my images a nostalgic feel, with washed out tones, and orange colour cast over the whites and greys of the scene. This cast actually helped with some of the images during golden hour, really emphasising that light.

I think from the roll this is the shot I’m most happy with, as it has such a great arrangement of colour, light, and body language from the subjects.

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  1. Hi Simon, do you think any type of filter might have helped balance the colours of the film? When shooting other expired Ektachrome (Lumiere; Elite Chrome; 400x; 100x and VS) I have used warming filters ranging from A2 through A12 (depending on the age of the film) and likewise have also overexposed 1 stop (or more, again depending on the age of the film). Do you have any feel for what exposing this FPP at 400 with an A12 filter might have produced? I love reading your film reviews, please keep them coming.


  2. Thanks David! I don’t have too much experience with different filters, but I’m sure it’s worth trying! There are a few people online who have tried this, and the results are mixed. After a bit of trial and error I think you should be able to find a result you’re happy with!


  3. Thanks again Simon. Please keep the posts coming. I truly enjoy both your photographs and your written work.


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