Million Mask March: Tuesday, 5th November, 2019

I was planning on this evening being my last stressful photography session, after the hectic series of protests and events. The Million Mask March has a reputation for attracting a very outspoken crowd, and I was hoping for a little bit of chaos to capture on my pushed Tri-X, and subsequently the T-Max 3200 I was planning on loading my M6 with afterwards.

I arrived at Trafalgar Square at around 7pm, and was very ready for a long night’s work. I was greeted with a very empty square, which was fairly disappointing.

After meeting up with a couple of other photographers and hearing that the turnout had been a few dozen I was disheartened, but decided to continue onwards and shoot some regular low-light street photography all the same.With photojournalism I don’t think things will ever really be exactly in line with expectations, regardless of how similar events may have gone down in the past.

I’m probably better off without dealing with all the hassle I associate with this kind of protest, and the images I ended up capturing were actually pretty good. It wasn’t a waste of my time at all, and I enjoyed the moments of uncertainty that come with seeing my expectations subverted.It definitely helped my decision to plan next year around attending the Lewes Bonfire, rather than anything in London. I think that would be a great application of my time – but again, there’s no way to know until the day! Maybe it’ll rain…

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