“Hit the Streets” with Valerie Jardin, Episode 156: 11th February, 2020

Today I recorded my first ever podcast interview with popular podcaster Valerie Jardin. She has been talking to different photographers for quite a few years now, and has an excellent format which really cuts through to what that photographer has to offer.

I’ve been trying to get on Valerie’s show since last summer, but unfortunately (for me) Valerie was very busy throughout the summer which meant that early winter made sense.

Once I’d booked a time in her diary I started to look over my work and plan on ideas I could talk about. However a few days before I was due to record I was sent an email letting me know that the plan had changed slightly – I was no longer going to be interviewed specifically about my own work and process but instead I was to be joining Valerie in answering questions from her listeners.

This proved to be both a good and a bad thing, as I am very good at answering questions; I think I provided some useful/strong answers on the topic we were discussing – however it left me a bit lost on the opening question when Valerie asked me to say a bit about myself and I couldn’t think of a way to describe myself that made sense or sounded right. This was probably my biggest stumble in the recording.

There was something oddly terrifying being sat in my very familiar room whilst answering questions out loud to a very friendly interviewer. My mind blanked a couple of times when I was halfway through a sentence but I think I managed to salvage these.

Although it’s a Q&A style format episode we only managed to field one audience topic, but went very much in depth which I think is more useful than a generic answer to a boring straightforward question.

The episode won’t be published until February 20th, so I won’t be posting this until I have the episode link to share so that anyone interested can listen to it – and then I’ll backdate it to the date of recording.

There are a few reasons I don’t think I’ll listen to it myself, not least of which being I hate the way my voice sounds on recordings. I hope you all find it interesting though! Hopefully I’ll be invited back at some point in the future to talk a little more personally about things specific to my own work as I was originally expecting!

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