MCM London Comic Con: May 2019

This Comic Con seemed somewhat quiet compared to previous ones I've attended. There isn't really anything major coming up over the next few months that would be worth promoting at this kind of event, so although there were some really cool celebrities in attendance from shows I've watched for years I was more interested in... Continue Reading →

MCM London Comic Con: October 2018

Comic Con this season felt a little off, and the photographs I took away from the event reflect that. Only one week previous I was in the same venue, the Excel Centre in London, shooting an event called "Discover Dogs" so arriving again and having to shoot a subject which I've shot many years in... Continue Reading →

MCM London Comic Con: May 2018

This year I shot only around a hundred proper images at Comic Con, which is far fewer than usual. A reason for this was that I spent more time in the press rooms working on portraits of celebrities, and also because I feel that a lot of what I have to say about Comic Con... Continue Reading →

Kigae at Hyper Japan, 2017

I've been a fan of Emma's costumes for a while, she puts a painstaking amount of work and research in, and hand makes and finished her outfits. Whether they are pin-perfect accurate Geisha/Maiko style kimono, or a character cosplay, or mashup in-between it's always a delight to photograph with her in character, and in appropriate... Continue Reading →

Hyper Japan, November 2017

After photographing in 2016, and earlier this year in July I am becoming more confident and comfortable with my goals from Hyper Japan. It's a really great show and there's always something new to see and photograph, and new people as well as a small community which I've met and become friendly with in previous... Continue Reading →

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