Kigae at Hyper Japan, 2017

I've been a fan of Emma's costumes for a while, she puts a painstaking amount of work and research in, and hand makes and finished her outfits. Whether they are pin-perfect accurate Geisha/Maiko style kimono, or a character cosplay, or mashup in-between it's always a delight to photograph with her in character, and in appropriate... Continue Reading →

Hyper Japan, November 2017

After photographing in 2016, and earlier this year in July I am becoming more confident and comfortable with my goals from Hyper Japan. It's a really great show and there's always something new to see and photograph, and new people as well as a small community which I've met and become friendly with in previous... Continue Reading →

Hyper Japan, July 2017

Last year I photographed the Hyper Japan Christmas Market (2016)¬†and really loved it for its sheer density of character, culture, music, and (mildly overpriced) food. I photographed the last event when I was still using my M8, and although the space was the same this year I found that the style and composition of my... Continue Reading →

Throwback: Hyper Japan, Winter 2016

Hyper Japan is a cultural showcase convention, featuring contemporary and classic icons across three days of exhibitions, shows, and performances. Although I am not full on Otaku, I do have some very romanticised opinions on Japan, and photographing this event only reenforced those opinions. I photographed as press across all three days of the event;... Continue Reading →

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