Stealing Frames: Sunday 17th March, 2019

Today was my second shoot with the Stealing Frames collective, held at the same location as my first shoot¬†with the group, in East London.I was a little more creative this time around, using twice as many rolls of film, and really trying to push the digital images to their limits as well. I used many... Continue Reading →

Stealing Frames: Saturday 19th January, 2019

Today I shot with a photography collective called Stealing Frames; a multi-disciplinary group of fine artist photographers. I've been interested in something like this for a while - the style is very different to the kind of images I normally shoot.We were joined by a few models across the afternoon, and I shot a handful... Continue Reading →

Portrait X: Zodiac

A couple of months after shooting Andromeda Under Siege with Portrait X I decided to tag along to another of their projects in April, this time much further from London; at Ivinghoe Beacon. This shoot was Zodiac themed, which meant that I would have to work with all of the models quickly in order to... Continue Reading →

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