My First Roll of Kodak Portra 400

This short piece was originally published on 35mmc, where I've been contributing fairly frequently. It's more gear focused than my writing here, but I still manage to discuss some topics I'm interested in. If you have the time, head over there and check out some of my other articles! Until recently my film photography had... Continue Reading →

Street Photography with My New Contax G1, AGFA: 25th June, 2018

Today I didn't have much planned, aside from the season finale of Westworld Season 2 (which was spectacular), so I was pleasantly surprised when my Contax G1 turned up in the post. I'd ordered it about a week ago, and was really interested to see how it would affect my approach to street photography.  It... Continue Reading →

LFW February 2018

This year I had some great opportunities to photograph specifically the kind of fashion I want to. I focused on candid scenes and moments backstage, but also shot presentations and catwalks. I shot four rolls of Ilford Delta 3200 on my XPan, which I'll be developing and talking about in more detail soon. I'm hoping... Continue Reading →

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