My Weird Past With the 35mm Focal Length

Most photographers have their preferred focal length, which informs their approach to a scene, the style they shoot in, and can influence the look and feel of their images overall. When searching for what lens will serve them "best" many overlook the fact that sight itself is a physical and subjective thing. What works for... Continue Reading →

Rangefinder Alignment

When I visited Paris last year I was very annoyed about a day in when I looked closely at my images and realised that most were out of focus. After a few non-scientific tests I discovered that the rangefinder system of my camera was out of alignment, and that this was causing me to believe... Continue Reading →

Camera Report: Leica M8

The M8 was an interim camera that saw me through the winter while my M240 was away in Germany for repair. I had considered it as a backup rangefinder, and when I found one at a good price I decided to buy it, use it, and then sell it on. I ended up keeping it... Continue Reading →

Camera Report: Sony RX1R

Although the NEX-7 was my first "pro-level" camera the RX1R was the camera that brought me, and my photography, to a level where I started to appreciate the finer details of composition, background and foreground elements, and storytelling. It was the camera that I used throughout my Bachelors Degree, for documenting my life and for... Continue Reading →

My First Rolls of Film

Although I'm sure I've taken photographs in my youth on disposable Kodak style cameras since becoming a photographer I have barely shot any at all. There are a few reasons for this, the same way there are a few reasons for my aversion to DSLR. To begin with it was never a conscious decision; I... Continue Reading →

Lens Report: Zeiss 21mm f/2.8 Biogon

I am not much of a frequent wide angle photographer. I learned photography with a 35mm lens, and now do the majority of my work on 50mm. I bought the 21 to use when travelling,┬ájust as I was planning a trip to Paris. London streets are not the tightest shooting conditions, and I think the... Continue Reading →

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