Seeing at Eye-Level

I think it's safe to say that the majority of photographs today are taken at eye-level, showing the perspective of the person who shot it quite accurately, but often resulting in a fairly generic perspective. Exaggerating elements of a photograph by positioning the camera either very high or very low is a great technique to... Continue Reading →

BTS Photography, Multiplex Pick-Ups: 21st August, 2019

For three nights in September last year I worked on a film concept called Multiplex, in my usual role as BTS/Stills Photographer. It was a fun production, and I shot entirely on pushed colour film, a decision I now sort of regret. It was early in my film journey, and I think I would be... Continue Reading →

MCM London Comic Con: May 2019

This Comic Con seemed somewhat quiet compared to previous ones I've attended. There isn't really anything major coming up over the next few months that would be worth promoting at this kind of event, so although there were some really cool celebrities in attendance from shows I've watched for years I was more interested in... Continue Reading →

MCM London Comic Con: October 2018

Comic Con this season felt a little off, and the photographs I took away from the event reflect that. Only one week previous I was in the same venue, the Excel Centre in London, shooting an event called "Discover Dogs" so arriving again and having to shoot a subject which I've shot many years in... Continue Reading →

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