Aleion Food Photography: Sunday, 20th May, 2018

Today was another photoshoot for a restaurant, who wanted a full menu and atmosphere series in order to promote themselves and have a large stock of images to draw from for all occasions.¬† I decided to shoot with my A7Rii which doesn't see much use anymore, and attached my new (to me) Minolta 50mm f/3.5.... Continue Reading →

Vivo (Studio): Tuesday, 19th August, 2017

As well as their new menu Vivo also needed some studio style shots with a clear white background in order to fill their website with standardised images. Unfortunately they had come into some trouble with the presentation, and not all of the equipment had arrived. We ended up doing a similar photoshoot to the last,... Continue Reading →

Vivo: Tuesday, 1st August, 2017

Earlier this week, on Tuesday I worked with Matt in Vivo, a restaurant on Upper Street in Angel on photographing their new menu items. They had recently hired a new chef and were working on the new designs for their website, and (I assume) banners and in-house promotional materials.¬†Food photography is not my forte, but... Continue Reading →

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