Film Photography, XP2: 5th – 9th January, 2018

These images were quite involved. I took the first half at some London Fashion Week events, and the rest were in Kensington, by the museums. This was a Launch event for Kirk Originals. I shot through their glass presentation boxes, and quite like the effect. The next morning I went out really early to get... Continue Reading →


Film Photography, XP2: 29th December, 2017 – 5th January, 2018

Many of the shots on this roll are duplicates, I took quite a few images at the same composition to make sure I got "the one." This I took by pre focusing and walking past the woman resting her head on the mans lap, hoping for the best with the framing. The wall cut off... Continue Reading →

Noisy Portraiture

Although I don't consider myself to be a "portrait photographer" portraits do take up a considerable amount of my time - whether they are street candids, or wedding posed images, or fashion concepts. My portraits tend to be a character study, to reveal something about the subject to an audience who may not know anything... Continue Reading →

Motivation in My Photography

Happy New Year! Today is the 2nd January, 2018. One year from today, on the 2nd January 2019, I will post another blog post detailing how I have become the best version of myself no matter what in order to inspire myself and others to achieve their goals. I believe that all problems are fixable,... Continue Reading →

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