Street Photography: 25th July, 2017

I've been working for a while to establish myself in the photography community. Alongside my frequent freelance gigs I have been making an effort to reach out in forums and on instagram in London, Brighton, and occasionally in other countries when I see a scene, photographer, or model I'd be interested in working with. A... Continue Reading →

Vivo, Tuesday 1st August, 2017

Earlier this week, on Tuesday I worked with Matt in Vivo, a restaurant on Upper Street in Angel on photographing their new menu items. They had recently hired a new chef and were working on the new designs for their website, and (I assume) banners and in-house promotional materials. Food photography is not my forte, but... Continue Reading →

Afropunk Festival: July 2017

I discovered Afropunk Festival through the Facebook page of The Heavy, who I have listened to for many years. I applied for a press pass, and was accredited based on my previous experience despite not being able to provide pre-event coverage. The Printworks, at Surrey Quays was fantastic to see, and a beautiful space to... Continue Reading →

Hyper Japan, July 2017

Last year I photographed the Hyper Japan Christmas Market (2016) and really loved it for its sheer density of character, culture, music, and (mildly overpriced) food. I photographed the last event when I was still using my M8, and although the space was the same this year I found that the style and composition of my... Continue Reading →

Throwback: Paris, August 2016

My short weekend away to Paris back in August, 2016 was a rapidly planned one after finding a cheap Eurostar deal, and an equally cheap AirBNB studio. I had recently bought my Zeiss 21mm, and was still getting to grips with my Noctilux as aside from some streetwork I had not practiced much with achieving... Continue Reading →

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