Whirlpool Screening at The Bulgari: Monday, 4th December 2017

About a week ago I got a message on my instagram asking if I was free on Monday to shoot at a social evening and screening of the short, proof-of-concept film "Whirlpool." Originally I had planned to work on this film as the Behind the Scenes photographer, but due to the distance I would need... Continue Reading →


Hyper Japan, November 2017

After photographing in 2016, and earlier this year in July I am becoming more confident and comfortable with my goals from Hyper Japan. It's a really great show and there's always something new to see and photograph, and new people as well as a small community which I've met and become friendly with in previous... Continue Reading →

Visual Narrative Architecture: Figure-to-Ground

Figure to ground is an art theory which many artists and visual designers interpret to mean "high contrast" between the subject (figure) and the background or context (ground). Having a good balance between figure and ground makes an image easy to interpret, with the different elements guiding and complementing each other, rather than fighting for... Continue Reading →

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