Describing the World to Myself

One of the best exercises for street photography I ever adopted was to focus my internal monologue into a process of constantly describing what I am seeing. I have always been introspective about the way I work, when it comes to what influences my overarching approach, what draws my eye moment to moment, and what... Continue Reading →

Are Street and Documentary Photography Art?

I think the question of whether something is or is not art is a bit disingenuous, and can be used more as a tool for gatekeeping than true analysis or critique. There is no objective standard for what makes something enjoyable as a piece of art, whether that is a photograph, music, sculpture, or a... Continue Reading →

Street Photography: Wednesday 2nd October

Retrochrome 400 is the name given to repackaged expired Ektachrome 2253, from a specific amount of bulk cold stored film in America. It is a 400 speed slide film, which offers me two stops more than the 100 speed Ektachrome I'm used to shooting, from their recently rereleased variation. After buying a couple of rolls... Continue Reading →

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