Street Photography: Wednesday 2nd October

Retrochrome 400 is the name given to repackaged expired Ektachrome 2253, from a specific amount of bulk cold stored film in America. It is a 400 speed slide film, which offers me two stops more than the 100 speed Ektachrome I'm used to shooting, from their recently rereleased variation. After buying a couple of rolls... Continue Reading →

Commitment Issues With Film

I know of some photographers who can confidently say "today I feel like shooting black and white" then load up a roll of Tri-X and shoot through the entire roll in the space of a few hours. For me this would not be an easy thing to do. When I load a roll of film... Continue Reading →

Kodak Ektar Reminds Me of My Leica M8

I was looking at some of my old photographs recently and noticed something I think is interesting. I don't usually discuss very technical aspects of my images on this blog, I like to think I discuss my mindset, composition, and subject matter more frequently than cameras or settings. However these things do influence the way... Continue Reading →

My First Roll of Kodak Portra 400

This short piece was originally published on 35mmc, where I've been contributing fairly frequently. It's more gear focused than my writing here, but I still manage to discuss some topics I'm interested in. If you have the time, head over there and check out some of my other articles! Until recently my film photography had... Continue Reading →

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