Street Photography: Sunday, 20th October 2019

The last two weeks have been very intensive for me, documenting XR non-stop, followed by an Anti-Brexit march yesterday. It would have been ideal to take today as a rest day, but the sky was clear so I couldn't make excuses. I went directly to Marble Arch where I'd heard that the London gathering for... Continue Reading →

Street Photography: Wednesday 2nd October

Retrochrome 400 is the name given to repackaged expired Ektachrome 2253, from a specific amount of bulk cold stored film in America. It is a 400 speed slide film, which offers me two stops more than the 100 speed Ektachrome I'm used to shooting, from their recently rereleased variation. After buying a couple of rolls... Continue Reading →

Street Photography: June/July, 2019

This post began as an article about a specific day, when I went to a small meet-up and photowalk with a few other photographers in Chinatown, however when it came to reviewing my work from that day I found that I only took a handful of images, and that none were especially engaging. I had... Continue Reading →

Street Photography: Sunday, 16th June 2019

Today I photographed a procession and festival in celebration of Rathayatra (Chariot Festival) along with hundreds of other Londoners, and Hare Krishna's. I started near Green Park at the back of the procession and slowly made my way around the crowds until the walk finished at Trafalgar Square.The procession was really great; a street party... Continue Reading →

Short Term vs Long Term Patience

How long should it take for an artist to produce their "life's work?" I think it can be easy to overlook the fact that when you pick up an excellent photo-book; for example "Steve McCurry Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs" which is 264 pages long, you are holding four decades worth of work. Even a... Continue Reading →

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