New Years Eve & Morning, London Underground, New Year’s Day Parade: December 31st 2019 – January 1st 2020

From around 23:45 on New Years Eve to 04:30 on New Years Day the London Underground opens all of its ticket barriers and allows everyone to travel for free, which is a great way to make sure everyone stays safe, roads stay free of too much traffic, and everyone gets where they're going. I've never... Continue Reading →

Diwali in Trafalgar Square: Sunday 3rd November, 2019

Today I celebrated a celebration for Diwali, which was held in Trafalgar Square. I've photographed so many events in Trafalgar Square, and I was almost expecting to be bored by it - but one of the best things about photographing people not places is that you can revisit the same location any number of times... Continue Reading →

Street Photography: Wednesday 2nd October

Retrochrome 400 is the name given to repackaged expired Ektachrome 2253, from a specific amount of bulk cold stored film in America. It is a 400 speed slide film, which offers me two stops more than the 100 speed Ektachrome I'm used to shooting, from their recently rereleased variation. After buying a couple of rolls... Continue Reading →

The Paradox of Cluttered Contact Sheets

Contact sheets are a fantastic resource, both for photographers looking to learn from their own work, and audiences looking for insight into the methodology of artists who share them. I've written a few pieces on the way contact sheets are an asset, but have always framed them as a simple visual collection of individual images... Continue Reading →

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